Tibique assentior at his, has te hinc maiestatis repudiandae.

I may appear big in form
My greying hair, my aching limbs
May to an inquiring eye reveal
Years spent under times grinding wheel

But beneath this withering form of mine
Still exists a fragile, helpless child
Who stumbles and falls and stands again
Still learning how to walk in life

The path is long and a winding one
The terrain changing with every bend
My feeble heart, striving hard
To walk erect till the very end

Do hold my finger, if you can
And knowing that I may lose my way
Do guide me to the rendezvous
Where I am destined to meet you.

- Sarita Choudhari

About Me


Painting, sketching and writing has always been a passion with me. Indulgence in them gives me a sense of fulfillment and completeness. For me art is spirituality. I feel my paintings compliment my poems. They both say the same thing.- they are the reflections of a soul perpetually in search of it's true identity. A search in which we are all co-travellers. An eternal search for God or our very source. For this search we have to reach our innermost depths. Hence all my work depicts a meditative mood. I am unable to separate my work from myself. I feel my work is an integral part of what I am.



Acrylic and Oil on Canvas


Oil on Canvas


Oil and Pencil

Mixed Media

Mixed Media Artwork


Ink, Pencil and Pastel Sketches

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